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Originally Posted by RPP
****, they cut out the good parts: 9 crimes, the mix Volcano-Me my joke and I and Coconut Skins..)
yeah, it sucks that they aren't streaming the whole set, but at least they fixed it.

Listening to all these streams gives me a craving for Lowlands pannekoeken (pancakes) and yes, even the continous noise coming from the party tent just outside our campsite.

what I don't miss: waiting in line to go to the bathroom or take a shower
(yes Cille, showers, multiple showers at a festival, so very different from Roskilde last year haha I was all clean and nice smelling at Lowlands, no trucker baths)

Can't believe it's already been a week since we went. One more week and I'll have to get back to work
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