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Originally Posted by borneoman
Nice try Abum!!! It's really hard to transcribe. Funny the only 2 sentences I am confident about, are different from yours

I hear 'old photograph' instead of 'air force down' and I also hear 'I opened her hand' instead of 'I undid her hair'
haha old photograph makes much more sense than air force down, i kinda laughed when i typed that cuz it didnt make sense, im gunna go with u on that one. I myself am pretty confident on undid her hair, i also like that better than opened her hand, its a nice image. ill go back and give it another listen, some parts are real hard to hear. Any other parts you can critique?

also, some people have said that this is played over the MMY&I music. I disagree, the music to never go down is quite different. It sounds similar because its played with similar chords and in the same key(I dont really know music theory i could be wrong), but it has a much different feel to it than MMY&I in my opinion.
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