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Originally Posted by borneoman
That interview is very interesting, maybe someone can translate from Dutch to English. I understand more or less but not well enough to translate it all.

Some funny things, he calls himself a control freak hippie... He also mentions that he never listens to music, barely owns 10 albums, and that the inspiration for his music in the things that he makes himself (prob a reference to Me,my yoke and I here I really like the bit in which he refers to his songs as f**up emotional experiments, then he says that all his songs are different one from the other. He says his songs go from 'grief to anger' (verdriet tot boosheid)

And that Paradiso London Calling show is just amazing. He does Delicate, Woman like a man, I Remember with a bit of Kylie's Can't get you out of my head, then Coldwater with Hallelujah with Lisa on backing vocals (almost sounds like a duet, so beautiful), then Volcano, and ending with The blower's daughter with the Creep bit.

Give me 5 minutes and I'll put the mp3s online!!

Follow the link:
Thanks for the mp3s. I'm excited to listen to them.
It would be great if anyone could translate the sounds really interessting.
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