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Originally Posted by jasmineha View Post
I did meet a longtime fan who wasn't an Eskimo, she was great and even gave me suggestions on where to go the next day. There were two couples behind us in line that were pretty friendly. Sad I didn't get to meet anyone from here though.

Ahahah that was me! After you mentioned the forum I thought man, I really need to get on there more to get updated info. So thank you for that. I came on here and tried to register and it said this username was already taken, so I tried what I thought would have been my password back then and it worked! lol. I posted my videos a little earlier in this thread. Ended up getting in the front row!! It was pretty warm down there so I can only imagine how hot it must have been up in the balcony. So great meeting you and so glad you enjoyed it. I don't think it was my favorite Damien show ever, but definitely up there, and easily the best show I've seen all year.
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