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Originally Posted by tessalasset View Post
Ahahah that was me! After you mentioned the forum I thought man, I really need to get on there more to get updated info. So thank you for that. I came on here and tried to register and it said this username was already taken, so I tried what I thought would have been my password back then and it worked! lol. I posted my videos a little earlier in this thread. Ended up getting in the front row!! It was pretty warm down there so I can only imagine how hot it must have been up in the balcony. So great meeting you and so glad you enjoyed it. I don't think it was my favorite Damien show ever, but definitely up there, and easily the best show I've seen all year.
Oh yay! I was bummed I didn't get to talk to you after the show but we were so lightheaded we kinda ran out. I can't believe you were in the front row! That's freaking awesome.
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