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Yep you heard it, the breaking news is here, now, erm..... well, it's not a gig by damien rice, or lisa, or viv...... but it is the nearly big project of yes, me and tink are doing you a live concert tomorrow night (17th april 2004) you can request your song tomorrow at 11:00am UK time and it will be up and ready for you to listen to within 20 mins of the live performance, which starts at 8:45pm and just to prove that they're not pre recorded..... we'll even introduce them just for you live... how's that for an ambitious plan then...... We hope to have ellen with us on cello, but i'm not sure if she's back off her hols yet!!..... If we can't do your song well announce that live too, just like a real gig.....I'm really excited!![img]smileys/smiley36.gif[/img] Edited by: ade and rice
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