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Originally Posted by Accidental Baby
Mainly because I think the venue is too large for a Damien concert.

It's not massive (max. 5.500), but large enough to say that it's not intimate either
Originally Posted by 4duckie2hear
Just checked out the Copenhagenplace.Looks like that one is 2000 people only. If you are travelling anyways, guess you coul better travel there! And Copenhagen is a really lovely town!
FYI, The Copenhagen venue for the June gig is even larger than the (Paradiso-sized) one he played last week I don't know how many people it can contain but it seems large, like a large sports hall - I have seen David Gray there and it wasn't exactly intimate.

That being said, you are very welcome in Copenhagen - if the weather is nice it can indeed be a swell lil' city

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