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Smile Hey!

So i saw damien the 21st but i have news about the 22nd since some of my friends went. I hadn't asked about insane or fool but he certaintly did not play accidental babies and at the end of the gig when he sang volcano he let like 30 people up the stage to sing with cool is that?????
I have photos and videos too, and i will try to upload the but there's not enough time when you study medicine hahaha
It was the greates night ever!!!!! And well the best thing happened to me that night but not only did I listened and saw Damien in a gig but I in fact met him!!! I went to the bar, an there he was!!!! Asking for a bottle of wine in stage, this was before the show of course. I said hi, he asked my name and we chat for like 7 seconds that turned into the greates moment ever! He even said, HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!! hahaha I don't know about you but that made it all...!!!! Maybe I'm not the first one but who cares all i wanted was to meet him....
I'll try and upload those pics sometime...till then have a great time and enjoy your respective concerts!!!!
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