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Eh, not so much, Matt. I mean the recording can be complete but production not done.

Dave Matthews Band recorded their most recent album in the Winter/Spring 2012. They released it in September 2012. They actually released a song in like August (Drunken Soldier) with a lyric on it that didn't exist when the full album was released a month later. They were still working in post-production and made a minor adjustment to the song, using a different vocal track recording. This is not unheard of.

Essentially, it was like if My Favourite Faded Fantasy on the album ends up having the non-falsetto vocal track that's on the youtube teaser instead of the vocal track that was on the full track released on 9/8.

I'm not saying there won't be an album. But I'm wondering if it's actually finalized and locked in yet. It's still more than a month before release, they could easily be working on it and making some changes still.
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