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Default Glen Hansard - Down the Rabbit Hole festival video

I captured the livestream but unfortunately quality isn't the best and there are some skips. still, such a fantastic gig. if anyone is interested:

Video: .mkv 768x432
Audio: AAC 64kbps
size: 626MB


Didn't He Ramble
Winning Streak
My Little Ruin
When Your Mind's Made Up
Bird of Sorrow *skips*
Astral Weeks (Van Morrison cover) *skips*
Love Don't Leave Me Waiting -> Respect (Aretha Franklin cover) snippet
Lowly Deserter
Way Back in the Way Back When
This Gift

Encore 1:
Baby Don't You Do It (Marvin Gaye cover)
Her Mercy

Encore 2:
Devil Town (Daniel Johnston cover)

there's also a 30min highlights video here
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