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Little trip to the Netherlands last thursday (april 12) !!!

Utrecht :

The venue, Tivoli Vredenburg :

Also in Utrecht they have convenient tables in the open
with convenient holes to dry wet umbrellas
but I distorded their use so that they would instead
conveniently hold my meal : I'm so smart HA !

As you can guess it was an amazing gig.
I totally like Lisa singing her songs under the arrangements of the Colorist Orchestra.

You can check some on YouTube, but be aware that the sound quality is usually not good and make the sound appear super dissonant because the arrangements are super contemporary or jazzy or modern, and thus the discrepancy (caused by the bad recording sound in YouTube videos) between instruments feel like the chords are out of tones and notes may appear bizarre and such, but in reality, when you're in the venue : it sounds super good !

Here's one video from thursday that I just found today and would like you guys to check, because, on top of the fact it was super nice there was something that surprised me and that I don't remember from other gigs :
Lisa holding the mic in her hand and dancing around, and that was super sweet I thought !

Oh was I under the spell !!!

That was the set list that day (hopefully I'm not mistaken ha ha) :
  • Nowhere to go [EP]
  • We, the drowned [EP]
  • Lo
  • Little Bird
  • A sail
  • Knots
  • Funeral suit [EP]
  • (one title from colorists without Lisa)
  • Anahorish (solo)
  • Passenger (solo)
  • O' Sleep
  • Fall [EP]
  • An ocean and a rock
  • Undertow [EP]
  • Keep it all

  • (one title from colorists without Lisa)
  • Lille

The only difference I noticed in the set list compared to the gig in Antwerp's DeSingel in late november last year was she sang "Paper House" in Antwerp and last thursday it got replaced by "Ocean and a rock" (unless I'm mistaken and she did sing it too in Antwerp but I have no memories of it).
Also the order was different.

Seriously, apart from one song where it's obviously a gag to make people smile/laugh (won't say which so I don't spoil), all those arrangements are super good !
(not saying the gag song is a bad arrangement per se, just that you wouldn't prolly listen to it on a regular basis !)
Either they change the harmonies somewhat, enrich them, jazz them up, modernize them in a contemporary music style of sort, or then (like for some songs) they totally re-harmonize them and it totally changes the mood of the song ("funeral suit" I'm looking at you : oh dear, so haunting yet so good), or then they will change the tempo, the rhythm signature, or then all of this at once.
It really is super nice !

And now a couple super bad pictures because I do not dare use the flash, and even then they'd probably be as bad :

And then after the show...
We, the fans... got to meet Lisa !!!
She really is the sweetest, kindest, nicest, bestest with her fans !

And of course I was all like :


Geez !!!
= @UntaughtPianist
"Just keep swimming." - That's what she said...

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