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Originally Posted by Spamlet
The exceptions to that are "Me, My Yoke and I" which could never acheive such seemingly unfathomable layers live (in fact, it always struck me as a terribly thin song previously) and "Coconut Skins" which is aided by the addition of lovely, tasteful subtle backing instrumentation like maracas, woodblock, tamborine and mandolin. Now until I'd heard the recently improved outro edition, this "Accidental Babies" would have been considered ideal. but now I've been spoiled and can't stand being deprived of that breathtaking alternative endng. I pray that they'll extend it again on the b-side when that one becomes a single!

I disagree however with what Quebec said. Other than "9 Crimes" which I don't despise but definitely remains my least favorite, every one of the other songs qualifies as stellar and worthy of consideration for inclusion in a best list.

That first live performance of "Grey Room" is still stunning enough to keep it one of my three favorite Damo songs and although I adore the addition of the cello and violin (precisely because Lisa completely ruins the isolation of it in the exact way that I'd feared she would) I can't vote for it. Like "Accidental Babies", where he wisely left her off, Lisa simply has absolutely no business being anywhere on this song, let alone turning it into a duet! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo!

Sad to say, but the way Lisa is mis-used throughout the album is my only real gripe with its production. On "O" her presence felt essential. She was the other side of the story. A co-narrator. Those were true duets. Now in maybe 4 of these tracks that is the case.

The remainder of the time it's like she's an arbitrary afterthought. She mostly seems like merely some backing vocalist. Half heartedly mumbling, coming in uncertainly as if she's missed her cue or something: a full few seconds behind and out of synch as though they've never practiced it with her before.

Seriously, does somebody know an audio trick for erasing her from the mix? Honestly, if I could just take her parts entirely out of "Elephant" and especially "Grey Room" and perhaps "Rootless Tree" I think they would all be just as good as the live versions for me. Never ever dreamed I'd want to request something like that.
I can't help but agree.
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