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Hi friends! I love always finding my way back here

So, I was seeing if anyone could help me out.

I don't know if anyone has seen "Chrysler" on the boards recently?

I emailed him or her back in 2014 after my wife and I made it to Damien's Winterthur show in Switzerland to see if he could send me the show that was recorded. I was going to surprise my wife with the recording since we were there...well, I just thought about that show today and reached out to Chrysler again (just now) after seeing this thread. I had totally forgotten that I reached out to him nearly 3 years ago, lol! Alas, I never had a reply from 3 years ago...and figured he might not be on here much or changed email addresses (I private messaged him again).

Does anyone know how or where I could retrieve these song files since they're not available through the link? My wife and I are having a baby this month and our anniversary is coming up, so I thought it would be a great gift to give her our favorite show we've been to!

Hope everyone is doing well and I hope Damien makes it back to the States soon!!!
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