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Default Urgent - Problem with the forum

Emmett or Wheels, in the last hour I've been experiencing a problem with my posts on these threads:

Basically, the forum keeps posting every 5 minutes all the posts I've written in the last hour...
I've tried to log out/log in, to delete the original posts, but it seems I can't manage to fix it...
So far I've been deleting all the posts, but it's bed time here so I'm sorry in advance if you'll find hundred of posts tomorrow...
(and I wouldn't be surprised if this post automatically multiplies too)

I hope it is a temporary issue, but if it's not, I just thought I would let you know... can you do something? has it ever happened?

ps. just a note for Gatsby (thanks for helping me on the other thread, by the way): I've deleted the cache, the cookies, basically everything, and I'm on a different computer now... so I think it's a forum thing and it doesn't depend on my browser or anything like that...

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