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hi! im new to the eskimo friends and obviously a huge damien rice fan! i attended the concert in cleveland and had been anticipating it for months! i wasnt aware there were so many fans!! im always the to one to introduce the music to my friends. the concert was just beyond fantastic! i had an excellent time, it could not have been better. i was a few rows of ppl away towards the center of the stage. i had a camera and took several pictures. the security guy saw someone taking pictures in my area but when he came close i tucked the camera away and acted natural! it really wouldnt have been good if he would have saw me ! anyway the pictures turned out great and im sorry to here you got your camera taken, i saw that happen to some people and that must have sucked! well i was more than impressed with the concert and just wanted to share my experience! i hope they return to cleveland as soon as possible!!! ill be the first one to get tickets!!
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