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Hi Verenita,

Thanks - I understand. We're not finished with the styling yet, we'll have a much nicer header for the forum... but the rest of the site is now much more advanced than it was previously...

For the people who will run the site, it's blog-driven, which means it can be updated much more easily and by more people... so there'll be more frequent updates. It's also much easier to customize and add cool new features... We will hopefully be able to keep in touch with everyone a bit more easily now as well, as we have integrated social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter. The site is also on new servers now, with much better customer service should anything go wrong!

For visitors to the site, there will be more frequent updates, a nicer layout (I think), and lots of cool extras that we'll keep adding...

The forum is still pretty much the same as it was... although it's a slightly newer version...

Any questions, just let me know.
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