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Eskimo Baby
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Default Lisa: Alone

Anyone know this?

"The hardest thing to do is usually also the right thing to do."
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Eskimo Ninja
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Blow The Wind Southerly?

this show was shared by daveydave:

Disc 1 (79:31):

01. Intro Music
02. Sand
03. The Professor
04. Face
05. Grey Room
06. Volcano
07. Accidental Babies
08. Intro of Viv by Damien for Yoshimi
09. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 *
10. Intro to Amie
11. Amie
12. Sex Change
13. Eskimo
14. Intro to Coconut Skins
15. Coconut Skins

Disc 2: (43:56)
16. Intro to Blowers Daughter
17. Blower's Daughter (Death Metal Version)
18. Me, My Yoke + I
19. The Animals Were Gone
20. Crew and Swell Season Thank You's
21. Cold Water
22. Encore Break
23. Blow The Wind Southerly
24. Cannonball
25. 9 Crimes
26. Rootless Tree
27. Final Applause

* Flaming Lips Cover piano solo by Viv
@ Northern England folk song made famous by Kathleen Ferrier. vocal solo by Lisa
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eskimo friend
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that was from boston and it was so amazing i got so many chills when she came out and sang that
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yea same here.
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