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Default south american tour 2009

i think this deserves its own thread... maybe because i dreamt about it for a long time

i mean: gig´s reviews thread.

Originally Posted by Moves-My-World

WOW! I never thought I would have so much fun
I would love to write a full and exciting review from last night, but I'm not a lot-of-words girl unfortunately :/ Anyway, I'll try my best.

I recorded the whole concert, the audio is kind of crap but at least you can tell all the songs, I'm listening to it right now and here's the setlist.

The Professor
Coconut Skins
Amie (he also told the story of that song before playing it)
Older Chests
Cannonball (totally acoustic, no mic or anything)
Woman Like A Man
Eskimo Friend
Animals Were Gone
I Remember
9 Crimes
Grey Room
Cold Water
Hallelujah (he played with the lights off these two last songs)
Accidental Babies
Rootless Tree
Volcano (with everyone singing along, each part of the venue a different verse, it sounded SO great)
The Blower's Daughter (some drunk guys started fighting so everyone got up and went near the stage, so thanks guys! haha)
Cheers Darlin'

Here are some pictures, I'm uploading the rest of them later this afternoon but I wanted to share at least a few right now. I also recorded some songs on video, if they're any good I'll put them on youtube. That's all for now, more updates later :P

Just to end this, it was awesome. Damien was in a great mood, it was a good audience I think. Just his voice and his guitar, a nice vibe definitely.

And I'll tell you about the recording of the tv session later

thanks lillian, specially for the pictures. i didn´t read the set list. i want to be taken by surprise (me and my particular way of thinking some things... anyway), whether there will be or not, lol.

look at that smile, OMG!
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