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Post The Night Gardener - These Are The Parts

Dear Eskimo Friends,

It's been a few years since I last posted on the Igloo, and this goes back a little further. Almost exactly 10 years ago, I saw Damien Rice play at Columbiahalle, Berlin. I was a student of cultural sciences then, but really, I had no idea about what I could do with my life, and I was quite depressed about the idea of ending up in some office box. Damien, I knew only his albums, had never seen a live show of the band before, and I expected a relatively quiet concert, and drinks with friends afterwards. Just another enjoyable night in this city that has a lot to offer...

Well, the band did what they did back in 2007. They turned those songs into seas and mountains. Two songs, then Damien unplugged his guitar, lights went off, and the room went from really really loud to nothing and Cannonball. I don't remember the rest of the night. My brain was reorganizing itself, setting a trajectory for my own life. I was under the impression that getting anywhere near creating something like what I had just witnessed, could lead to an interesting life, one that would actually feel alive, and allow me to not bury parts of myself in some odd job, or wherever any other path might lead me. I struck gold.

So I took the struggle, quit university, set out to be the penniless busker, to really learn a few things. About life, music, openness, poetry, tough times and the turnaround. For a while I hitchhiked across most of Western Europe, carried my guitar through the North of Spain, smuggled myself onto a ferry across the channel, visited Whelan's and Grafton Street and other places here and there, and in between, in the winter months, I recorded unsatisfying albums, first on my 8-track, then digitally, made all the mistakes I could make.

Long story short: About a year and a half ago I settled in Berlin again, started playing, writing and recording as 'The Night Gardener'. And finally, on April 7th this year, I uploaded an album to bandcamp. It is nowhere near a perfect studio production, but it is the completion of what I set out to do, to live through, those 10 years ago, and I feel very content with where that spark got me. Those songs, to write them and to have them, you know, that can carry you...

Now, of course I am not the first guy who was inspired by Damien Rice, but well, I thought maybe this is something an Eskimo might enjoy. The album is called 'These Are The Parts', and I made it for people who really listen.

Album Link: https://thenightgardener.bandcamp.com/
Video for 'Change Of Heart': https://youtu.be/Nma9Zb8jB-k
Live-Teaser: https://youtu.be/gBGbs4ep_vw

The story doesn't end here. Next up is booking. I'd like to travel, play concerts, become part of that tradition. And I tell you, bookers everywhere like Facebook numbers. So if you like this, you know...

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/thenightgardener/
Website: http://thenightgardener.net/

If you made it through, thank you for reading all of this!

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