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Default Lisa's musicial room

From the brillaint musical rooms blog

Musical Rooms Part 60: Lisa Hannigan

Filed under: Choice Music Prize 2008, Interviews, Musical Rooms Series ó by Sinťad @ 8:04 am
Tags: Choice Music Prize 2008, Choice Music Prize Nominees, Lisa Hannigan, Sea Sew

ďIíve spent a lot of time rehearsing in a big old barn in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny with the guys in my band - Tomo, Shane, Donagh and Gavin. Tomo, who plays drums with me very kindly pushed aside storage crates and old rugs and broken furniture and we fill up the rest with rehearsing.
Itís pretty cold in the winter and I have very sneakily edged myself into prime position next to the storage heater. The walls used to be bare concrete but since a recent party they now are covered with giant pictures of foliage (these got a good wash down as they used to cover fences at the Electric Picnic). There are strings of huge flowers (made from hangers and coloured tights) suspended from the ceiling and lots of fairy lights and the like. Because itís so cold we donít leave any instruments in there except the drums, Harmonium and Glockenspiel. Weíve got a simple vocal PA set up but in general I find it easier to rehearse unamplified. We all face each other so we can balance ourselves better.
Apart from the instruments I would have to say that one of the most important things about it is the proximity to Tomoís house. Thereís a constant flow of tea, coffee, snacks and occasionally children and animals. Tomoís cats like to sleep in the furry guitar cases and try to ignore the racket. We spent a few months over the winter there and Iím looking forward to getting back there when weíre not gigging.
I tend to write alone but I really enjoy bashing the songs into shape with the band. Theyíre much better at playing than I am so that helps. I like to wander off by myself if I have an idea for a song. I donít have a regular starting point really. I might hear a word that I really like or get a melody in my head that I hum away until words come. Other times thereís a story already there to be set to music. Sometimes Iíll mess about on the guitar or an autoharp. Iím not very technically minded so Iíll ask Gavin Glass for help if I want to crack open Garageband.
This space has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Itís great having it all set up and to be able to mess about on all the different instruments. Also being within 20 feet of Tomoís kitchen always improves a situation.Ē
************************************************** **************
Lisa Hannigan was once best known for her collaborations with Damien Rice, but with the release of her debut solo album Sea Sew in 2008, she has garnered critical acclaim internationally. The album is one of this yearís Choice Music Prize nominees but Hannigan will be touring the US when the awards ceremony takes place on Wednesday March 4th in Dublin. For more information visit www.lisahannigan.ie or www.myspace.com/lisahannigan.
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