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Originally Posted by Alfie
Can all you guitar experts please give me some advice. I would like to start playing again (did a little in the past) and need to get an acoustic guitar (it would help).

Can anyone recommend a suitable make and should I go for a new one or try and pick up a second hand one. What are the things I should look out for to give me some idea whether it is good or not. I don't want to spend a fortune at this early stage....say around £100 for a second hand one. Any advise or comments would be very gratefully received.
You should be able to pick up a decent new model within your budget of £100, just make sure that the neck is straight and that it is set up properly, action, intonation etc.

You never really know what you're getting second hand, so I'd personally go with a washburn or yamaha, something like that! I know it's not what you'd like but we all go through that! I've been playing about 20 years now and only recently did I buy my S+P 6. Also, I'd stay away from bowlbacks too, they can be a little awkward to sit and learn with, a bit slippy.

Buy what feels comfortable, and don't be swayed on getting something cos' it looks like the guitar you'd eventually like to end up with, cos' they generally don't play anything like. Make sure your fingers and your ears are happy, nothing else!!

Hope this helps
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