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Default Damien Rice - 2019-02-09 - Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo, Australia

Damien Rice

February 9, 2019

1. Intro, 2. Cannonball (unamplified), 3. Older Chests, 4. Delicate, 5. Chat, 6. 9 Crimes, 7. Chat, 8. Elephant, 9. Woman Like a Man, 10. Accidental Babies, 11. What You Feel, 12. Chat, 13. Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin), 14. Wonderwall (Oasis) tease, 15. Chat, 16. Amie, 17. Chat, 18. My Favourite Fantasy, 19. Chat, 20. Eskimo, 21. Chat, 22. Back to Her Man, 23. Volcano, 24. Encore, 25. Astronaut, 26. Chat, 27. The Blowers Daughter (unamplified).

Track Info: Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo, VIC, Australia
Source Info: AUD>LPCM>WAV>FLAC [Matched DPA MMC4011s > DP-MMP-ES > Tinybox @ 48V > Sony PCM-M10]
Mastering: Adobe Audition w/izotope Plug ins (Ozone & RX6) (Declick near microphone clapping, variable amplification and reduction on audience noise & and maximiser separate noise reduction on unamplified tracks). Retain 24/48. TLH (Convert to FLAC)
Taper: Roman79, centre—~ about ten rows back from stage.
Length: 107:59

Sound Comments/Faults?: Excellent audience recording, audience noise is generally negligible. Encouraged audience singing near microphone on Back to Her Man and Volcano isn’t too bad. The unamplified tracks are of lesser quality due to noise reduction used to reduce equipment and taper noise.

Show Comments: Stairway to Heaven was by audience request. It is a performance of the full song and sounds amazing. Also features new songs “Astronaut” & “What You Feel” and rare performance of Back to Her Man.
thanks to roman79
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