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Default Potential songs on the Environment album

Songs that potentially could be on the G Project

1) No Moon
Uploaded at the end of 2018 on Instagram (1 minute of it). From ther studio pictures, it should be part of the G project, which is this Environment album.

2) Holy Water
Played before the summer on Instagram on a piano in Ireland. This is quite an old song that started life as an instrumental included in the 2014 Amy Berg movie Every Secret Thing. He played the song a few times during the last US/AU dates.

3) Nothing Had a Hold on Me
Also played before the summer on Instagram, and tagged as part of the G project. The song was performed once 10 years ago at a gig at Trinity College, where he actually presented the then-forthcoming environment album.

4) Stone
Again an old song, performed once at the end of the 9 tour in Cardiff in 2007. Then this winter he performed it again in New York as a request and mentioned it’s gonna be on the Environment album and that it’s been recorded with a choir.

5) Keep it to Myself
Uploaded to Instagram (partially) before the recent gig in Cork, it is a duet with Icelandic singer JFDR. The song was then played in full for the first time at the Cork gig. He explained the song was written together with Amy Kuney back in 2009 and recorded. Damien was not happy with the recording and did it again this time with JFDR.

6) Cough Cough
Another song uploaded to Instagram this summer. But doesn’t seem like album material.

7) Mustard Seeds
Recorded during the last album sessions, was on the list of songs for MFFF but didn't make it. Seems to have been re-recorded recently so could also make it here

8) Slow
another old song that he played during the 9 tour.The registered official title is “She Comes Out So Slow”. It’s a song that was supposed to be on 9 since some of the lyrics are on the 9 booklet. It was mostly played as introduction to other songs. From the studio pictures he seems to have recorded a song called “Slow” so might be this one, given that he never seems to throw anything away.

9) Eve and the Day
also known as What This Night is For. 10 years ago when Damo started talking about the Environment album, this was the song that was planned to lead the album. He played it quite a few times in 2007. Will it still be there? I kinda doubt it cos someone requested the song last year and he played it but he kinda looked like he didn’t know the words or chords or anything, which he probably would if he had recorded it recently.
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