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Eskimo Baby
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Default American Solo Tour

I have no idea why I titled this thread that, but I just feel like starting a new one talking about Damien Rice... im not going to go into how Damien Rice changed my life and give a stupid obsessed-fan sob stories, nothing pisses me off more then when I see a picture or a comment made by someone like "your so hot damien, you changed my life".. those people dont really know how to fully understand and appreciate his music. Nothing against people who felt Damien really did change their life in some way, just keep it to yourself.

I have bittersweet feelings towards the idea of an American Solo Tour, partly because of the fact I love how not a lot of people know about him yet, and hes not huge and blown up. However living on Cape Cod, MA... its not the easiest thing to get to a small venue show. I did see him in Boston in July which was great, assides from all the Fionna fans not really understanding what they were witnessing.

Even though I love how Damien's low key, you have to admit theirs nothin better than meeting someone who knows who he is and talking about it, except when they only know about him from movie soundtracks (In Good Company, Closer, ect.)

Me and my buddy started listening to Damien around Sept. of last year so I havent been a fan for as long as some as you have, following him since his early days. The first song I heard being Cannonball, which led to me downloading whatever I could get my hands on, to buying O, to buying B-Sides.. to burning 4 CD's entitled "Childish" and "Sand" because those were the first 2 songs on them, the third being "5" because it was the 5th CD I owned, and as of recently I completed my Damien collection with a 6th CD I just called "Rare".. I finally have pretty much every song and love em all.

If anyone else has any cool stories about how you started listening to Damien, or anything unique I'd love to hear em. All I know is that their will never, ever, be another singer/songwriter with as much talent or passion as this guy. And thats what makes him amazing to listen to, the music overwhelms you to the point where you can sit back and just be like wow, this is incredible.

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