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Eskimo Mucker
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Default A kiddo travels among us

There's this kiddo who travels among us, a road tired warrior, who rides a bus, gig to gig, waking up in a different city day to day....
Yeah, there are bucks to be made on the road....of course, but watch the boy's face, city to city. It's rough life, no matter how much fun they're laffin about. It's the Biz called Show, and Twas ever thus.
I watched the Boyo's face song to song...and I wondered how long I could stand being on the endless road, putting my heart out there, wondering if anybody knew how the words came to be....did they come to see Me or did they come to experience what my words meant to them on 1st hearing?
Were they up that night? Did they walk in my shoes? Have I walked in theirs?
One night, I heard a song, and I travelled with this lil skuffy Kiddo down the road apiece. I asked no questions. As sweet as a sparrow's chirp, it came upon me, and I am good for that.
Jack Kerouac wrote: "The Golden Eternity came right on time."
Thanks, Kiddo, I hope the Road is treating you kindly.You came right on time, lil brother.
Travel in Peace , Mr.Damien. Don't forget to rest along the way. Take it from an older chest. It's good for you.
http://www.myspace.com/muckeroo Please contribute to the Damien Rice Gamete Disease Foundation!
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beautiful words as always, mucker! Thank you for sharing them!
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