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Eskimo Baby
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Default Lisa covers? I have one for ya!

I saw the Damien covers thread, anybody out there covering Hannigan's equally pretty but not as somber tunes?

If not, I am! Here's the cover of Pistachio I just finished. I've been working on this for like, a very long time today haha. Most of it was figuring out the instrumentals by ear from youtube videos. I'm a guitarist, not a piano player or a drummer or a bassist, but I really love this song. All of the instrumentals were tracked via midi in real time in a multitrack setup.

I'm not sure how I feel about the vocals really, but I had a good time doing them


I also deviated from the lyrics a bit so that I could express how I relate to the song personally, I did most of it on the fly while I was recording.

I hope Lisa wouldn't be too mad at me! -giggles-.

Oh! And this is based on some of the live videos around youtube as opposed to the album version.

Hope you enjoy.
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