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Don't worry about the questions, I would be curious too lol. So, where did you come from?

I couldn't record Cheers Darlin' it was a mess at the front of the stage hehe

There's always an interview at that show but they record it before or after the singing, so I don't know about it. We'll have to wait until it airs. There must've been like 30 people there, maybe more but some of them were people that worked there. And I'm guessing it will air in mid-year. There were some other sessions recorded last autumn and they said they would air in mid 2009, I'm hoping they include Damien's session in that season of the show.

if the tickets hadn't been that expensive, I would've been there tonight too
sad thoughts, but I'm glad I was on the first show, I like to think of it as the special one :P
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