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Default Damien Rice 2019-02-01 Sydney Recital Hall - Sydney, Australia

thanks to taper tonsco

Sydney Recital Hall - Sydney, Australia [MASTER]
Recorded by tonsco
Recording Time: 132min 58sec
Taping Position: Level 1, Door 2, P54 (directly behind mixing desk)

TASCAM DR-07mkII LINEAR PCM RECORDER > Adobe Audition > dDpoweramp > FLAC

01. Intro
02. Delicate (unplugged)
03. The Greatest Bastard
04. 9 Crimes
05. Storytelling #1
06. The Professor & La Fille Danse
07. Storytelling #2
08. Amie
09. Woman Like A Man
10. Rootless Tree
11. Storytelling #3
12. Older Chests
13. I Remember
14. Astronaut
15. Cold Water Crowd Interaction
16. Cold Water
17. Storytelling #4
18. Cannonball
19. I Don't Want To Change You
20. Volcano
21. Storytelling #5
22. Cheers Darlin'
23. The Blower's Daughter

A spectacular show! First time I had seen Damien live and the first time in over 10 years that he'd played in Australia.

Ridiculously hard show to record due to the dynamics of the show (a lot of stuff off-mic etc.) but I have done my best.

I hope you enjoy!
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