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Posted on 02. Jul, 2010 by admin.

Damien singing in Icelandic

The Icelandic song that Damien performed in Reykjavik last night is “Sofðu unga ástin mín”. Here is the video of the performance, which also features Lara Runarsdottir, Glen Hansard, Mia Maestro, Helgi Jonsson and Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir (of Lay Low).

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Posted on 01. Jul, 2010 by admin.

Watch Damien Live Online Tonight

EskimoFriends comes live from sunny rainy Reykjavik tonight…

UPDATE 2: Damien performed 2 songs, “The Professor” and “The Blower’s Daughter. He then reappeared on stage a little later to perform an Icelandic song with Lara Runarsdottir, a group of Iceland musicians and Glen Hansard. If you missed the performance you will be able to watch it online shortly from here.

UPDATE 1: They’ve just changed the running order a bit… Damien is now scheduled to perform at 10:40PM BST… (Grazie mille Gloria)… I think we’ll forgive the timing confusion as Icelandic people surely struggle with timekeeping because they have almost 24 hours of sunshine (with a little bit of rain) every day in the summer…

In a few hours time, Damien will take the stage at the Inspired by Iceland event. You can be there too! Well, kind of… You can watch it live online from here.

The concert starts at 9PM BST, which is a bit confusing… That’s 9PM Irish time, 10PM in Germany, 4PM in New York, 1PM in LA, 2.30AM (weird) in Myanmar and 12PM in the eskimo stronghold of Kotzebue, Alaska.

Damien is due to appear on the stage at 23.10 10:40PM BST, just after one of our other favourite singers, Glen Hansard, and right before Parabólur (cool).

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