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Posted on 20. Dec, 2002 by admin in Damien News, Interviews.


It’s been a big year for Damien Rice – a platinum album, a packed Witness appearance, a song on Jools Holland, mud and an Irish tour to finish it off. We though it better to let him explain from on high.

“Sitting on a plane on the way to play Jools Holland. Sounds exciting but I’m not awake yet. Got to bed too late last night. Another late recording session. Everything is late. This is normal. I’ve gotten used to pissing about the place keeping a hold on the items flapping about me.

It’s been a mad year spent wandering like a blindfolded puppy – banging into everything, making an unintentional mess wherever I go. Released the album in February when it was still being printed; ended up 45 grand in debt; worked too much; didn’t see my friends; got stressed; the band broke up; I fought with everyone I worked with; wanted to give up. Looking back, this was odd. We’ve had a great year with the album, Vicar Street, The Olympia, Green Energy, Witness, U.K. festivals, New York gig, great reviews and all that. In theory I should have been very happy. I was. But I was like a dog on a lead – happy to be going for a walk, but I was still searching for a freedom that didn’t appear. I was both on the lead, and holding it. I get obsessed with work, and too busy to enjoy myself sometimes. I’m very happy now that we have an amazing tiny team working with us, so I get to be a musician again. I went to the Earth Spirit festival in a forest in Kent where they had set up a little village. We played at midnight in a tent surrounded by muck. It was amazing. That 24-hour experience was one of the most memorable. The big stuff is exciting, but once it’s happened it’s over. It’s the small personal gigs and personal experiences that move me and they’re the things that for some reason stay with me longer.

So, we made a small record that we love, called it ‘O’. We’re still in debt, but that’s ok; the band got back together; we’re going recording some new songs in a little 16th century castle this week and we’re looking forward to this Irish tour in December; then Christmas; I believe we’re off to Europe and America next year….”

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