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Hot Press – The Anti-War Issue – June 2004

For me, doing the show is more about supporting an energy where people are coming together and saying ‘We live in this country, it’s supposed to be a democratic country and there’s so many people here who do not agree with what the Bush administration is doing’.

I just want to register a positive protest, it’s a simple thing of standing up peacefully and saying ‘I don’t agree with this’. I think it’s a little sad, we’ve always being doing it, human beings have always been killing other human beings. We’ve always been at war – someplace in the world there’s always a war going on.

I was at the protests in Dublin and I went down to Shannon as well. I kind of do these things out of curiosity because I really like people, and I’m curious about human behaviour and relationships on all levels – whether it be a personal level or a country’s relationship with another.

I’m not one of those people who likes to hate people – I don’t feel that the energy of hating people is a positive or useful thing, and I certainly don’t feel that the energy of hating a nation – any nation – is a positive thing. I have no problem with the United States at all, it’s an amazing place and there are some amazing people there. People may have, in the past, looked at Ireland in a certain way because of the IRA bombings. It’s unfair to generalise about any single place.

Doing this gig is a personal thing for me, it’s a peaceful way of saying ‘I live in a democratic country and I’d like to make my voice heard and help others be heard, and say we don’t agree with something’, simple as that. Letting people know we don’t agree.

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