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Damien Rice vague about new album

BBC Radio, 08 July 2004

Jude Law and Julia Roberts have asked Damien Rice to write the soundtrack to their film ‘Closer’.

They want some new songs, and to use some tracks from his album ‘O’.

He’s written for a film before – a movie set during the troubles in Northern Ireland. He told us the film company sent it back saying it was too depressing, so he wrote a happy one for them.

Damien’s taking the summer off to go travelling in Asia, including a visit to a refugee camp in Burma, and his album ‘O’, which has been out for a year, has just gone in to the top 20 for the first time.

He sold 14,000 copies last week, following his appearance at Glastonbury, and the single ‘Cannonball’ is out this week.

As for a follow up album – he’ll be working on it at the same time as the songs for ‘Closer’, but don’t hold your breath:

“That’s why I’ve taken the summer off. It’s just to take some space, get some perspective, and then mix some of the music that we’ve actually recorded and see if an album appears.”

“That’s the way it happens with me. It just appears by itself. But I don’t have a specific idea as to what I want the album to be, that’s what I mean by that. Whatever way it turns out, it turns out.”

“But I’ve no idea when that would be finished either, because I could mix a whole load of songs but I might decide that it doesn’t feel right. So I’ll wait til it’s right, and when it’s right I can put it out.”

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