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Posted on 04. Sep, 2014 by admin.

New Album Confirmed!

Good news! Damien’s new album, “My Favourite Faded Fantasy”, will go on sale on 31 October.

The tracklist reported by Amazon is:

1. My Favourite Faded Fantasy
2. It Takes A Lot To Know A Man
3. The Greatest Bastard
4. I Don’t Want To Change You
5. Colour Me In
6. The Box
7. Trusty And True
8. Long Long Way

Note that the image posted by includes the following other track titles:

Mustard Seeds

Update: This tweet from George Ergatoudis (Head of Music at BBC Radio 1) may suggest that the first single will be “The Greatest Bastard”.

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Posted on 11. Jul, 2014 by admin.

Josh Radnor Writes About “O”

Josh Radnor, who played Ted on How I Met Your Mother, has written about his memories of falling in love with Damien’s album “O”.

You can read the full article here, but here’s an excerpt:

How to describe that initial encounter? It was certainly a stop-what-you’re-doing moment, and that’s exactly what I did. I looked up from—oh, I don’t know, the coffee maker, the New York Times, my audition sides—and thought: “This… is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.” A sad Irish troubadour’s exquisite songs of romantic heartache and pain, how he’d wronged and been wronged, delivered in a startlingly pure, achingly sincere, and elastic voice. It called something forward in me, some heartbroken essential thing. I furiously scribbled down the name: Damien Rice. I needed this music in my life. A quick internet search and a few record store visits (remember those?) revealed that it was available exactly nowhere, its domestic release not scheduled until the following year.

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Posted on 26. May, 2014 by admin.


According to this article, Damien has contributed a song to a new animated film by Salma Hayek called The Prophet, which is due for release later in the year.

Thanks to Desiderata for the link!

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Posted on 14. May, 2014 by admin.

New album on the way…

Last night, Damien played his first full show in Dublin for many years. The gig lasted for two and a half hours.

And Damien confirmed that a new album will be coming in the autumn.

Here’s a report from RTE.

Here’s a feature on Irish radio this morning, which includes an interview with Damien’s proud granny!

Read some fan reviews in the Igloo.

And here’s a full set-list, thanks to Chrysler:

Main Show:

01: Delicate
02: Elephant
03: Woman Like A Man
04: 9 Crimes
05: Eskimo
06: The Box
07: Amie > Sex Change
08: The Professor & La Fille Danse
09: Volcano
10: The Greatest Bastard
11: Coconut Skins
12: Rootless Tree
13: Cold Water
14: Hallelujah

15: Cannonball
16: Long Way To The Top
17: Black is the Colour
18: I Remember
19: The Blowers Daughter

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Posted on 08. May, 2014 by admin.


Damien will be performing at Whelans in Dublin on 13 May as part of Whelans’ 25th anniversary celebrations.

The 300 tickets sold out within 60 seconds of going on sale this morning.

More here.

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Posted on 11. Mar, 2014 by admin.


Damien’s official site has announced two concerts for this summer:

  • 17 May – Seoul Jazz Festival, Seoul, Korea (tickets here)
  • 23 Aug – Winterthurer Musikfestwochen, Winterthur, Switzerland (tickets here)

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Posted on 23. Feb, 2014 by admin.

Damien performs at San Remo

On 20 February, Damien performed a couple of tracks at Festival di Sanremo in Italy, which was broadcast live on Italian television.

Damien performed Cannonball and The Blower’s Daughter.

Here’s the video!

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Posted on 27. Dec, 2013 by admin.

Damien Performs at Christmas Busk 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!

Damien again joined Glen Hansard, Bono and others at the Christmas Busk on Grafton Street on Christmas Eve.

Photos and discussion here.

Here’s a short video clip:

New Video:

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Posted on 09. Nov, 2013 by admin.

Damien performs at the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival

Last week, Damien gave a surprise performance at Kaffibarinn, an intimate venue in Reykjavík, Iceland, as part of the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival.

Joining Damien on stage were Joel Shearer, Gyða Valtýsdóttir (Múm) on cello, Shahzad Ismaily on drums and Helgi Jonsson on trombone.

Check out the latest fan reviews of the show, including details of the six songs Damien performed, in the Igloo.

Also, check out photos by Erik Luyten, Amber Zwartbol and Jasper van Dorp and Dennis Stempher.

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Posted on 18. May, 2013 by admin.


In an interview with Charlie Rose this week, Bono mentions Damien Rice as one of his favorite songwriters. It’s part of the conversation that starts 48 minutes in…

Thanks to Cara for sharing the video at Scatter O’ Light

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